Creative Next Generation Audience Engagement
Immersive Theatre and Events

We are passionate about creating unique and engaging experiences and are constantly experimenting with new and exciting ways for people to interact with entertainment. One way we love to do this is by adding new technologies into long established mediums.

- Wow your audience with an interactive gig. Create multi-device effects that use the screens and/or speakers of many individual mobile devices as part of a synchronised audio visual show.

- Immerse audiences in your story with spatial audio. Use responsive 3D binaural soundscapes that completely transport the listener and change their perspective.

- Integrate VR with other technologies. Synchronise 360 video playback with custom built haptic feedback hardware.

Online and interactive. Harnessing the power of the internet and adding interactivity in any way you can imagine.

Why Claywell Digital?

Our experience working in design and technical production for theatre and live events, coupled with our technical skills make us ideal collaborators for building new solutions for next generation entertainment. No project is too experimental for us. We want to help you build something truly original.

We have a first hand experience of what it takes to make an event a success, and an understanding of how to facilitate a smooth and creative production process.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you unlock the full creative potential of your event with technologies like spatial audio, mixed reality, and online interactivity.

Location Based Experiences

Transport your audience in time by augmenting their surroundings with spatial audio and AR to tell a story within a specific context. Take experiences to your audiences, and create stories that are relevant to their communities without requiring them to travel. Bridge the gap between the real world and your virtual world.

Create world-scale games. Design and build the next big thing in geolocated world-scale games, and get your audience out and about. Create beyond this world and use graphics, audio and interactivity to create an experience that rivals reality.

Work with us

Our teams have years of experience specifically in building apps and systems to power location based experiences. We understand the unique challenges of telling stories with this new medium, as well as the fantastic opportunities it offers. With our cutting edge tools - such as RaftEngine - specially designed for building geolocated apps, we make the creative process quick and easy. Get in touch today to discuss how we can make your idea a reality.

Old Haunts

In July 2023 we launched the Old Haunts app, an interactive audio tour that explores the history of the town of Buxton. The project was a collaboration with local artists and was funded by Historic England, supported by High Peak Borough Council.

Interactive Installations and Escape Rooms

We love engaging audiences by adding layers of interactivity to installations.

Want to add a new way for your audience to interact with your installation, exhibit, or escape room? Our team are specialists in connecting together unique inputs and outputs. With tools like RaftEngine and RaftCreator, we can easily connect and control any kind of device.

Give your audience control. We build bespoke apps, connect buttons, switches, and sensors, and integrate with your existing lighting, sound, and AV equipment. Get in touch to find out how we can help you take your experience to the next level.

Paint the Sky

For Liverpool’s LightNight Festival 2021, we worked with DTM to create PaintTheSky, an interactive exhibit that invited guests to collaboratively paint a giant artwork of Liverpool’s skyline. This was facilitated by the power of the cloud to build a web app that allowed users to draw their section of the artwork, with the result rendered to one huge image in real-time.